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They were honest with me which goes a long way. They told me I didn’t need something replaced that Bud Anderson told me I did. They are cheaper and more available.

Jeremy Butler
Tontitown, AR

We hired Chris Dutton to fix our furnace. He was out to see us first thing in the morning, very professional and nice, and he got the job done quick and affordable! We appreciate that he is local and personable!

Chance Smith

Following a lighting strike – They replaced our HVAC System. Quality job and so responsive. Outstanding company.

Mike Graen

Absolutely love Duttons! A.C. WENT OUT at 11:00 Friday night and I messaged them on Facebook, had a response when i woke up at 730am. Chris was here by 10am and A.C. up and running by 11am. Always polite and professional but understanding and compassionate. Highly recommend!!

Leslie Giddens

Dutton HVAC was responsive and successfully resolved an ongoing issue with our downstairs AC. Turned out we had a failing AC capacitor that needed replacement. Dutton dispatched someone on a Saturday morning and the issue was resolved. Highly recommend them!

Garrett Watson

Dutton HVAC was a truly inviting and down to earth experience for me. The service and knowledge of American Standard equipment was very much unparalleled and at pricing is set at a competitive rate. This growing business is definitely worth the investment if you are serious about the care and equity of your home.

Joshua D

these guys I can’t say enough good things and why I went with them is because two times they came out and fixed my heater in the dead of winter it didn’t involve any parts but didn’t charge anything for the service and they are literally walking distance from my house there always there to answer my questions and for what I paid vs what they installed I feel like I got a very good deal I would recommend them solely and don’t need to go looking around just call them their people are great

Danny Lilze

When I called they were very professional and understanding. The technician came out quickly and was very polite and respectful. He explained what the problem was and had it fixed in no time. Also, the price was better then anywhere I called! I’ll be using them again for sure.

Amanda Burton

After attempting to diagnose and fix our heater ourselves, we accepted defeat and had to reach out for help. They were able to send someone out despite the snowy and icy road conditions and get our heater in working order before the freezing night temperature set in! Chris was friendly and efficient and we weren’t charged an arm and a leg for what we felt like was an emergency situation.

Alicia Herrera

Dutton HVAC is a great company and I would highly recommend them. Chris was great and was very prompt. I will use them again for any AC and heating needs.

Carol Tanner